Tool Accessories

We have a full range of tools accessories for sale in our showroom.
Ranging from drill bits to screwdrivers.


Not only do we stock a wide range of tools in our shops in Swindon but we also stock tool accessories. We have an extensive range of drills bits for all different manufacturers, cuttings saws for cutters of all sizes and many more accessories available.

So no matter what job you have lined up you can rest assure that Rapid Hire has the correct tools for you. Even if they are not in stock most equipment can be obtainable.

So call us on 01793 854 821 (Wooton Bassett) or 01672 519 008 (Marlborough) for more information.

The reliable and speedy service you need!

Any equipment that is not in stock is usually obtainable.

Tool Hire Swindon

We believe that the key to impressing our customers is with variety and inexpense.

Tool Hire Swindon

BULK Purchasing
With certain tool accessories we have to offer, the more you buy, the less it costs!